At some point in the not-too-distant future, it’s going to be clear that the Internet, and specifically the ability to create and share information quickly and nearly effortlessly with almost anyone, anywhere at any time is something that humans can’t be trusted to use properly.

And then we got a new hot water tank installed. The old one was randomly failing to ignite which made for the odd unpleasant morning shower lately.

I decided to try Bike Share Toronto as a commute option today. Because you only get 30 minutes per bike before you have to pay overage charges, I had to swap bikes halfway. The second half of the ride (Parliament and Lakeshore to Neville Park) was 29 minutes and 57 seconds!

I came to the conclusion that my 16km commute is best done on the TTC although maybe on nice days it would be fun to do part of it on the bike instead.