Firefox Multi-Account Containers is probably the greatest privacy-related extension out there right now. Combine this with Cookie AutoDelete and you can severely limit cross-site tracking by the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Amazon.

It basically allows you to completely segregate sites within their own containers. Stay logged into your Google G Suite account in a separate container from the rest of your browsing and Google can’t track you. Same for all the social nets.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, it’s going to be clear that the Internet, and specifically the ability to create and share information quickly and nearly effortlessly with almost anyone, anywhere at any time is something that humans can’t be trusted to use properly.

I decided to try Bike Share Toronto as a commute option today. Because you only get 30 minutes per bike before you have to pay overage charges, I had to swap bikes halfway. The second half of the ride (Parliament and Lakeshore to Neville Park) was 29 minutes and 57 seconds!

I came to the conclusion that my 16km commute is best done on the TTC although maybe on nice days it would be fun to do part of it on the bike instead.

LinkedIn is just really the worst. It’s like Instagram but for people to post their fake, fluffed business lives instead of their fake, fluffed personal lives. “So proud to be a part of blah-blah.” and attach pic of their “amazing team” or “awesome campaign”. Everyone comment! “Wow! Amazing job!”

I signed up for an annual Bike Share Toronto membership today. The economics make a ton of sense. $69.99 for a year of unlimited rides of 30 minutes or less (with the Presto Card holder discount) is a steal.

The Transit App makes the whole experience unbelievably simple. I can plan my ride on Transit and it’ll tell me which Bike Share station to start and finish at (including how many bikes are at the starting station and how many empty slots are at the finishing station. Plus it provides a route that is bike-friendly and a pretty accurate time estimate for the trip.

I used Bike Share yesterday to go from my office in Liberty Village over to Ginny’s office on the east side of downtown. It took about 25 minutes door-to-door which easily beat the TTC over that route (even with the King St. Pilot Project in play). The bike lanes across Adelaide and Richmond make for a safer trip and there are tons of other cyclists which helps with visibility.

I can’t make it to and from work under 30 minutes so I don’t think a full commute on Bike Share will ever replace the current TTC streetcar ride I take, but for these trips around downtown, it’s a perfect solution.

Used Bikeshare Toronto for the first time last night now that they have expanded the number of bikes and stations out to our area.

The integration with the Transit App was outstanding. So simple to pay and get a bike and even figure out a route to take.

This was also the first time I’ve biked in Toronto traffic since my bike accident back in 2011. I’ll never be at ease with that.

Funny how many are now just waking up to the fact that Twitter is almost entirely useless. Other than the odd current event for which aggregated crowd reporting is handy, it’s just all drivel and pointless time wasting. Not unlike reading this!

Nice evening last night. Dinner, drinks and a lot of fun with Ginny.

Cosmo for me, Sangria for she. Nice patio on Crescent and a beautiful evening weather-wise.

The patio views.

Our bartenders put on a nice show. Guillaume closest and Sebastien further away. Great fun watching them work.

That’s a first. Rejected takeoff on my flight from Toronto Billy Bishop Airport. Got halfway down the runway and they cut the engines and hit the brakes hard. Little skid but nothing too scary. Waiting to see what’s up.

Just replaced the burners on our Weber Genesis grill. I think it’s good for another few more years before we’ll need a new one. Over the years I’ve put in new flavourizer bars, replaced the grills with stainless ones and now the burners. 11 years old, still going strong!