Six Weeks To Go and Feeling Strong

42 days to go until I run 42.2km in Vancouver on May 6. Training is going really, really well.

I had a 32km run today which is where I’ll start since it was a great run. I kept a consistent pace from start to finish on this one and ran my fastest km split for kilometre 31. There was plenty left in the tank today.

The Week that Was

I missed another run this week becuase of travel, but it was the Tuesday 6km tempo run. No big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Wednesday I got out for 11km with 9 hills on the treadmill at Variety Village. I didn’t much feel like running those hills, but I did them and it felt good to stick to the schedule.

Thursday’s 8km steady run was tough thanks to a hard hills workout the night before, but again, I got it done and that’s what it’s all about in marathon training.

Saturday was the usual 6km run which was nothing special and that’s how I like them.

Through the Worst

I’m through the worst of the training now. These three weeks are always the toughest both physically and also mentally. Three super long Sunday runs with lots of hills in between and some travel made for some extra fun. The first 29km and last 32km runs were both great and the 29km in the heat in Florida was fine too when you account for that warmth and sun.

I’m happy to have a bit of a step back here now with just 23km next Sunday and the last of the hill training on Wednesday. I’m ready for the last push here to the taper with just a pair of runs in that 29-32km range now.

My Strava Fitness score is now 68 which is pretty amazing. I had set a goal of hitting 70 before race day and it seems likely that I’ll hit that this week and push through to the mid-seventies or higher before May 6 rolls around.

I’m feeling better than I ever have at this point in training for a spring marathon.