First 29km in the Books

Things get serious fast when training for a marathon and this was the week it all happened.

The schedule called for 29km today – the first of three weeks of runs in the 29-32km range. With just eight weeks to go now until race day, this first 29km run is always a test of how things are going.

I’m happy to say that I passed today with flying colours. I ran a very solid 29km today with tons of energy and pace left at the finish. I dare say I could have grunted out a full 42.2km today if I had to.

Tempo and Hills

I ran the usual weekday runs this week, including a 7 hills run on Wednesday. That sort of kicked my ass and Thursday’s 8km run wasn’t easy. My legs felt a bit dead, but I toughed it out and finished up the 8km that was in the calendar. A rest day on Friday was just what I needed and I had the usual power and energy on Saturday for the easy 6km.

Fit and Feeling Strong

Strava now rates my fitness as a 62 which is better than I was at any point of my training last year, including the day before the race. I have to say, I feel stronger and fitter now than I have in a really long time.

We’re off to Florida on Tuesday and that will be a bit of a challenge in terms of training. I hope to be able to get in a quick run on Tuesday some how, then also a couple more while we’re at Disney. We’ll see how that goes. Sunday’s long run will be in Naples, Florida and I’m looking forward to running in the warm weather for a change after a pretty tough winter up here in Toronto.

Sticking With It

I need to just keep the pedal to the metal now and push through for the next two months. Race day is just around the corner and there are just five weeks until things start to ease back into the taper. As tough as training is, when you get to the plateau, it’s really not a long time spent there.