Week Six – Here Come the Miles!

I missed the weekly training update last week, but I didn’t miss any of the training. I’ve run back to back Sunday runs over the half marathon distance and we’re heading into the rapid escalation of weekly mileage.

That first in-training half marathon of the year went well, with a nice negative split (mostly due to some nasty weather). The front half was run fairly easy, but after the turn around, the winds were in our face and it was starting to freezing drizzle so I dropped the hammer and ran the back half at race pace.

Tuesday was another indoor run, and the pace was good and fairly easy. I ran the usual 6km at an average pace of 4:26/km. These tempo runs continue to get easier as the training builds in and my fitness comes back.


Wednesday marked the start of the hill training portion of the schedule and that meant a bit of a step back in the Wednesday distance from 10km down to about half that. The good news? It was mild and an early finish to work allowed for four times up and down Victoria Park before dinner.

Thursday was back to the treadmill at Variety Village with a steady 8km run. The pace was back around the 5:25/km range which is where I’ve been trying to keep my non-tempo runs.

ebrc-w6Saturday was a family affair with Ginny on the treadmill to my right while Mackenzie put in a few kilometres on the treadmill to my left. In the end, it was another 6km at a fairly easy pace of about 5:20/km.

Another 20+km Sunday

That brings me to Sunday, with a 23km on the schedule. Ray mapped out a nice west-east route that got us a good way out to the west end. It was nice to get out to Keele and St. Clair; it’s cool to run out to what seems like a long way from the start and makes for a pretty nice tour of Toronto.

I ran well, keeping the pace slow again, although the overall pace is starting to creep up a bit. I need to slow it back down to the 5:30 or even 5:40/km as we get into these big distance runs.

200 for February…and sloooow down

Looking at the schedule ahead, I need to put in all the runs and keep my Wednesday mileage up close to 8km for the next two weeks to ensure I top 200km for February. One of my goals in training is to get over that 200km monthly total for four months leading up to race day in May. The math says it’s a done deal, even with a short 28 day month.

Next week features a 26km Sunday run and that brings some new challenges. I feel confident in my ability to run the distance – I could have easily run a few more kilometres on Sunday’s 23.6km run. I need to continue to pay attention to pacing and ensure that I’m running smart with fast runs on Tuesday, good hill training on Wednesday and then easier runs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.