Week Three – Better Weather, Longer Runs

Another week in the books and this one didn’t involve running with every bit of cold weather gear I own just to stay warm.

Things improved nicely in the weather department over the last couple of days. I hit the treadmill again for the majority of the runs thanks to some school meetings and other life things that prevented any outdoor weekday runs.

Tuesday’s tempo was tough. I had to get up and run this one at 6am and the shorter rest meant my legs were still fatigued from Sunday. I had a bit of a harder time holding the pace compared to usual. But I did manage a good, fairly fast 6km.

It was back to the usual evening run on Wednesday with a reasonably quick 10km on the treadmill. This one was tough to start, but I used some visualization techniques and pulled it together for a strong finish.

Thursday’s 8km was your standard 5 mile run with a hockey game on the TV to help pass the time. Saturday was another early run so we could head to the Rogers Centre and meet Josh Donaldson and George Bell at Winterfest. Suffice to say, it was worth it to get up early and put in a 6km.

Sunday Long Run Day!

That brings me to Sunday. Miguel was out running the MEC 10km race, so it was Heather and me with special guest Michael Liberzon who runs X3 where the EBRC runs on Sunday. Despite his plan to “run a little slower” and our plan to “run a little slower”, we ran the usual pace and finished with some really fast kilometres at the end.

The route was lovely, with a trip out to Dufferin and King, then up to College, over to Ossington and back to the east end via Harbord, Wellesley and Sumach. Running from the east end is nice. Less downtown to run through and fewer lights to chop up the rhythm.

Ahead of Schedule

In theory, I should still be running 13km long runs on Sundays so the fact I’m running more like 17km means I am nicely ahead of pace. If I keep things up here and run the schedule through the end of the month, I’ll finish up over 200km for January. I haven’t run a 200km month since April, 2017.

My Fitness Score on Strava is now at 51, which is a few points ahead of where I was at last year at this point. I’m feeling like things are going well, although it’s early in training with 15 weeks to go until race day!