Week Two – A Ride on the Weather Rollercoaster

Another week of not great weather for running in Toronto, including a return to the frigid cold after a couple of days of warmer weather.

This was an odd one, even by Toronto winter standards. We had freezing cold, snow, freezing rain and almost spring-like temperatures. And that was just one one day!

More Indoor Running

I didn’t get outside to run during the week, although it was warmer than usual. Friends were out in shorts on Thursday, but by the time I had a chance to run the conditions weren’t safe. It was dark and rainy which is deadly for pedestrian vs. car collisions. There were over a dozen people struck over the course of the evening, which is why I stuck to the treadmill.

Schedule-wise, I got all my runs done again this week, including a really fast tempo effort on Tuesday. I paid the price for that run throughout the rest of the week as my legs were feeling tired even today. Lesson learned (again).

Eastbound Run Crew Again

Sunday’s long run was in the cold again with temperatures around -16ΒΊC at the beginning. It was way less windy compared to last week, and with the sun out it was actually quite pleasant. The 16.4kms clicked off fairly quickly.

The training plan only calls for 13km runs at this point, but I’m happy to run a bit ahead here as the crew at Eastbound is running a slightly higher mileage option in their training.

The plan for this week is to rest a bit and ease back on the pace on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week’s Sunday run is 17km, so we’re starting to creep that mileage up closer to 50km for the week.