Week One is Done

The first week of training is done, and things are going well. Seventeen weeks today, I should have a fifth BMO Vancouver Marathon medal in my collection.

Today the schedule called for a 13km long run, but I ended up running just over 16.5km with the gang from the Eastbound Run Crew (EBRC). They usually only run on Monday, but they’re starting up a new Sunday long run routine that works well with my schedule.

The Crew is made up of a bunch of people who used to run out of Commerce Court Running Room, so it’s a lot of familiar faces. It was a running reunion for me, really. My long-time running buddy Nicole was there as well, and while she’s not quite as fast as she used to be, it was nice to chat and see her face both pre- and post-run.

I’m planning to run with them on Sunday morning through until race day and here’s hoping I can get out on a few Monday evenings too.

Week One Stats

Training-wise, I managed 47km this week and got all five of my runs in. The vast majority were indoors on the treadmill, with the 10km Wednesday run on the indoor track. Tuesday and Wednesday’s pace and effort were both great. Thursday was decent enough, but I could definitely feel some tiredness.

As for today, it was about -16ΒΊC at 9am this morning when we set out on our long run. I dressed well for the cold, but it was still cold on the face. Handwarmers in the gloves really helped out with the cold hands.

The good news is that the weather is finally warming up and we’re getting out of the frigid arctic pattern that has gripped Toronto for about three weeks now. Maybe I’ll be able to get outside a couple of days this week.

My Strava fitness score is up to 47 now and climbing steadily. I’m feeling good about where I’m at and looking forward to the long runs ahead.