Vancouver Bound

I’m at 34,000ft on WestJet 707 to Vancouver. It was pouring rain when we left Toronto, but we managed an on-time departure anyways. Assuming all goes well, I’ll be in Vancouver just after noon PDT.

The weather out there looks rainy today too, but the weekend forecast looks absolutely perfect. I’ve run Vancouver three times so far, and two out of the three has had similar weather to what is expected for Sunday.

Looking back, thinking ahead

This flight out always provides a good opportunity to think about how training went, and to plan out how to approach the race on Sunday.

This was a bit of an odd 18 week cycle, mostly because I missed a couple of weeks in the middle after I fell running in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Usually I’m up over 200km each month…two missed weeks in March are obvious.

Two broken ribs sidelined me completely for two full weeks, and once I started running again, I had to build back up to the big distances over the course of three weeks. Things were super sore for those first runs back and I was super aggressive in coming back as soon as I did.

They are still not completely healed, but thanks to some twice-a-week physio and some good luck in terms of where they were fractured, it wasn’t all that bad.

The net result of that fall was that I missed two 32km runs, and one 29km run. I got in a 29km and a 32km before the taper started which was a good confidence booster considering that in March I was questioning whether I’d be able to make it to race day even close to ready to run.

Race Expectations

I had never intended to push for a good time in Vancouver. It’s a tough course over the first half and I don’t think it’s conducive to a PB for me given how I tend to fade in the latter stages.

With less training under my belt, I’ll be happy to come in under four hours on Sunday. I’ll probably go out with the 3:40 group and see how that goes. The weather looks great, and the back half of the run is flat. I’ve run a 3:48 on the course before, so that would be a nice number to try to beat.

Whatever happens, I’ll be happy with a good run and a decent finish in this one. It’s been too long since I’ve run a strong marathon, mostly due to hot weather on race days.