A 29km Confidence Booster

Today’s run was pretty good. I set an aggressive goal of 29km for the day and figured I would be lucky to get to 26km before the rib injury would shut me down.

Adriana (my physiotherapist) now suspects a fracture or two based on the healing time and progress, but it doesn’t really matter at this point. When I started the comeback, I was hoping to get at least one run around 30km in before the taper starts with three weeks to go. I’ve got another weekend still and one 29km under my belt…excellent.

The run went really well through the first half. The route was tough, with quite a bit of hill over the first 10km or so. From there, it was a downhill middle section and then a flat finish from the Beach to downtown.

I ran armed with some stretches that were supposed to keep things from freaking out and spasming during an stops for traffic lights. That was the biggest issue in the last few kilometres last Sunday.

It turns out that those worked well – physio for the win! A few times things tightened up a bit, but even after 20km, it was fine. The last few kilometres were tough going, but more because my legs started to give up a bit. I’m not as strong as I usually am at this point in training after missing two long runs and two full weeks of running total.

I’ll try 32km next week and then head into the taper with some confidence that finishing the Vancouver Marathon is possible. Each run is getting better, with less pain. Most importantly, I’m learning how to manage the injury a bit better each time out. Here’s hoping that by race day on May 7th, I’ll be close to 100%.