Five Weeks, Making Progress

Recovery from the fall and rib injury continues. Today I ran a solid 17.5km with the Downtown Yonge Running Room gang.

While I experienced a fair bit of soreness over the last couple of kilometres, overall it was a great run. My legs are still strong and I was able to run at something approaching the usual Sunday quick pace.

Some positives coming out of these runs:

  • Each run is longer, but I am also feeling less soreness. Despite running 10km on Friday, and then 17km today, I don’t feel any worse than I did on Thursday morning after 8km.
  • My legs are still there. I feel strong still and aside from some tightness that some stretching will cure, the 17km today was no problem at all.
  • Same goes for the cardio. My cardio always holds on better through a short break, so it’s not a surprise that I didn’t loose anything in the overall fitness department.

Feeling positive

Generally I’m feeling very positive these days. I’m probably at about 80% right now, but there’s still five weeks left and there’s not much healing required to get to a place where 42.2km is possible. Vancouver was never going to be a race that I was going to push for a personal best in anyways. As long as I can start the race with confidence that I’ll be able to get to the finish, I’ll stick with the full marathon.

When the fall happened, I figured I would be back running in a few days. That turned into a couple of weeks. But the advice I gave myself just after it happened – “don’t panic” – stayed with me throughout.

Five weeks is both a long and short amount of time

Marathon training is funny. Five or six weeks can seem like both a long time but also a short time somehow. When everything is going well, the weeks click off and race day arrives. When it’s not going great, it’s easy to think about a week or two as being next to nothing.

I’ve got something like 23 runs left still and that’s lots of time to heal and also rebuild some of that strength. While I missed nine or ten runs including a couple of long ones, it’s important to remember that marathon training is not about a single run, or even a week or two.

There are 34 days to go and I’m confidently looking forward to running my fourth BMO Vancouver Marathon.