Week 11 Starts and James Fall Down Go Boom

56 days until race day and today I did something I’ve never done in my nine years and nearly 12,000km of running. I fell. Hard.

I’m in Hilton Head Island this week for our annual March Break family vacation. Today I tried a new route, heading way across the island and then back along the main drag. It was a 29km route and just over 14km in, I caught my right foot on the swing forward and didn’t catch it fast enough to prevent going down.

14km in, 15km to go

I fell hard on my right side, scraping up my leg, elbow, shoulder and hand. I got up and walked a bit, decided I was “okay” and started running again. With 15km to go, I was glad I could run and hopeful that I would be able to finish the full distance before things stiffened up.

I fell up near the top…just around the ‘d’ in Hilton Head Island.

I had a nice stream of blood running down the outside of my right leg, and my elbow was stinging nicely. By the time I finished up the run about 90 minutes later, things had stopped bleeding. But I could already feel my side and ribs starting to tighten up.

Over the next hour, my ribs and side started to get more sore. When I fell, my arm and elbow were between the ground any my ribs which evidently caused some bruising. I’ll be keeping some heat on it and taking some anti-inflammatories over the next day or two and here’s hoping I can run again on Tuesday or Wednesday.

It was bound to happen

Falling is something that I’ve avoided in my running career until today. It’s something that reaches out and bites every runner eventually. I’ve come close on a few occasions, but always managed to get my feet back under me before I hit the ground.

While it feels like a bad fall today, thankfully I didn’t really do too much damage. I could have hit my head, or broken a wrist as others I know have while running. We’ll see how things feel tomorrow and Tuesday. Worst case, I’ll take an extra day or two of rest and get back into the swing of things.