What’s Next?

The first question I ask myself after every marathon: what’s next?

Having a calendar full of training runs makes it easier to stick to a consistent running routine. But once the goal race has come and gone, that same calendar is empty and the motivation to run sometimes wanes.

It’s always a good idea to get a few races back in the schedule and to make some plans for the summer and fall. Without races to anchor things, it becomes all to easy to start skipping runs and losing fitness.

Advice from an expert

I talked to Running Room founder John Stanton at the Ottawa Race Weekend. Over the past two years of being part of Team Awesome, I’ve been lucky to get to know John pretty well and he’s always happy to offer up quality advice.

He suggested that I plan for a fall half marathon, with a focus on speed over the summer. That strategy, he says, will get me more comfortable with higher intensity running over longer distances and will serve me well come spring when it comes time to train up for marathon number ten.

I think that’s a good plan, although the disappointment of the Ottawa Marathon does have me considering a fall marathon to take on that 3:30 mark again in more favourable conditions. The downside of that is a summer of training in the heat…something I’m not a fan of.

We’ll see how things shake out. Either way, training for fall races won’t really get underway for a few weeks at the earliest.

Racing with Lindsey

In the meantime, I’ll be running the inagural Canada Running Series Toronto Waterfront 10 with Lindsey. I’m looking forward to a 10km race with my favourite little runner. She did so well in Ottawa, and I know she’ll be able to push the pace a bit more in Toronto in two weeks.