Ottawa Marathon Training by the Numbers

Tomorrow I’ll be running my third Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon, and my ninth marathon overall.

As usual, it’s been quite the journey to get to the start line, ready to run. Traditionally, I’ve done a “training by the numbers” post before race day, and this year is no different.

Injuries, but no panic

Over the last 21 weeks, I’ve gone through a series of ups and downs that tested my resolve. I ran into a few more injuries than usual, trained through a huge house renovation, but through it all, I kept my eyes on the prize and didn’t panic.

Since January 1st, when I started training “for real” I’ve run a total of 944km over 91 individual runs. My biggest month was April, when I ran 233km.

stravaI had a couple of injuries that led to periods of days where I didn’t run at all. In February, I picked up a foot injury that cost me 8 full days of training and reduced my February mileage total to just 134km.

In May, I injured the outside of my foot and took a few days off to let it heal before resuming training.

Races and long runs

I raced once during this training cycle (Around the Bay Road Race 30km) and set a new personal best of 2:26:55.

My longest run was 33.4km (on my birthday, May 1). I ran over 30km just three times this year. I ran over 25km just five times which is probably one or two runs fewer than usual. I’ve run a half marathon (21.1km) or more nine times in 2016.

Goals, and hot weather

Heading into the race tomorrow, my goal was going to be to run under 3:30.That would have been another pretty big personal best, but I was fairly confident that was doable in the right conditions.

With the forecast calling for temperatures in the low to mid twenties with sun and humidity, I’ve altered those plans. If we get the benefit of cloud cover, or some rain sprinkles, the heat won’t be as much of a factor and I might aim to dip under 3:40 again. If it’s sunny, then I’ll be backing off from that and just focusing on finishing the race in good shape.

Every climb up the marathon training ladder is different. Each time I learn more about myself, and I gain more experience. While the weather has likely taken away any chance I might have had at inching closer to a Boston Marathon qualifying time, I know that I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and strength towards that ultimate goal.