Pints to Pasta Half Marathon

I’m heading to Portland, Oregon next weekend for a work thing, and as luck would have it, I discovered that the Pints to Pasta Half Marathon is on Sunday, September 13th.

Once I checked the festival schedule, it became clear that I could squeeze in a Sunday morning half marathon and miss nothing! So I signed up.

Out and back route

The race, part of the Hood to Coast Race Series, starts down in the south end of Portland, then runs up and over a big hill (should have looked at the course, I guess), and then up through downtown before crossing the river and hitting the turnaround point in the north end of the city. From there, it’s back the way we came (including the hill). The half marathon is new this year and shares the course with the 10km race which starts at the half turnaround at the top, and finishes back at the start of the half.

Pints to Pasta refers to the fact that the 10km begins near the Widmer Brothers Gasthaus and Brewery, and finishes at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It looks like a really fun run with free after-race pasta and beer. Route map (PDF).

I’m looking forward to an unexpected and super fun half marathon. Given the course elevation, I don’t think I can better my 1:38:25 PB, but I’m planning to run a sub-1:40.

Here’s the official promo video: