Million Mile Light (Kickstarter)

I don’t normally get too excited about Kickstarters, but this one I saw today has me really excited. It’s called the Million Mile Light and it’s an LED safety light for runners with a unique twist.

The difference between this light and others is that the Million Mile Light is powered by you. The motion of your running powers the LED lights. No batteries, no charging. Clip it on and run, and the motion of your body is enough to light it up.

Unlike some other Kickstarters, the product is ready to go. It’s been designed, prototyped and is ready to be manufactured. All that’s needed is enough people to get onboard for an initial order. It’s expected that the lights will be shipped sometime in very early 2016.

Check it out:

If it’s something you think you’d want to get behind, there are a bunch of different Kickstarter support levels starting from £12 (about $25 Canadian).