Review: Runcast – Weather for Runners by Endorphin Apps

Watching the weather and running go together like popcorn and movies.

Should I run now, or wait a bit for better conditions? What’s it going to be like at 4pm today? When will the rain start (or when will it end).

runcastMost weather apps will tell you this kind of thing, but Runcast from Endorphin Apps (for iOS) will tell you this with a focus on running.

Opening the app, you’ll immediately see this is an app made for runners, by runners. Instead of a focus on conditions, the app tells you in bold letters to either RUN NOW or RUN LATER. That determination is made by combining a series of factors including temperature, winds, precipitation and more.

In addition to the recommendation, the app provides the current temperature, sky conditions, humidity, chance of precipitation and wind speed — all the data you need to know what to expect out on your run.

Along with the current conditions, you’ll get hourly forecasts for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. Pick a time later in the day when conditions look good and you can set a reminder to get out and go for a run. Since weather data is provided by, you can count on it being accurate and reliable.

If the conditions are good now, you’ll get the RUN NOW suggestion including a good look at what those conditions are. But maybe it’s raining now, and it’ll clear up in a couple of hours. In that case, the app will let you know that it’s better to wait and RUN LATER.

Runcast Screenshots

Latest update

In the latest update (v1.3), the team at Endorphin Apps added the ability to choose metric alongside imperial measurements for weather conditions. And you can now also specify the temperature, wind and even time ranges that you consider to be good for running.

If you want to provide some encouragement to your running buddies, Twitter followers or Facebook friends, the app lets you message, tweet or post a current conditions image with the relevant weather data.

Also new is a Notification Center widget so you can see the current run advice quickly and easily which has quickly become one of my favourite features.

Get it from the App Store

Runcast is available in the iOS App Store for $0.99 (US) or $1.29 (CDN). App Store Link.