Mid-year Progress by the Numbers

Halfway through 2015 seems like a good time to look at some numbers.

I have a mileage goal for the year of 2015km, and a total runs goal of about 225. I figured I would do four or five runs a week this year so that would be about 230 runs. To reach the 2015km total, my runs will need to average about 8.7km. The most I’ve run in a year previous is 2012km (in 2012). Last year I ran just over 1,800km for the year including a couple of extended streaks where I ran everyday.

StatsHow am I doing so far?

  • Runs: 116
  • Distance: 1,158km
  • Average run distance: 9.98km/run

I’m in pretty good shape here and on pace to top all three yearly goals. With no marathon on the schedule for the fall, I’ll likely run less than I did in the spring, so I’ll need to keep a regular schedule going to get the additional 857km I need over the next six months.

My plan is to boost my weekday runs a bit with 15km run commutes on a more regular basis over the summer. If I match my June running totals, I’ll make it with a few kilometres to spare come December 30th.