Nike Thinks Running is Combat

Apparently Nike thinks running is a battle sport.

Just look at this sampling of tweets coming from their @RunNikeWomen Twitter account this weekend:





It’s not just these ones either. Have a look – almost every tweet they send involves an aggressive word like dominate, crush, destroy or annihilate.

Running is not something to be defeated

In the world of Nike Running, the goal is to attack a run and annihilate it. Apparently the beautiful act of running, something humans were born to do, is not something to be savoured, or enjoyed. Nope. For Nike, running is nothing short of a war between the runner and the run.

You see the same language in their apps and services as well. When you complete a run with the Nike+ app or watch, you don’t just finish it, you “crush” it.

I run to enjoy, not destroy

I don’t understand why Nike insists on making running a battle sport, but it’s one of the many reasons I don’t run Nike events, or use Nike services like Nike+.

I’m happier to use and support companies like The Running Room, Saucony, and Garmin who celebrate the joys of running and who don’t turn something as beautifully simple as running into a war.