An Early Winter Fun Run

Well that was unexpected. Today was the first long, coldish run of the season and for once I didn’t overdress.

I’ll give all the credit to the blog post I wrote yesterday as I took my own advice when it came to deciding what to wear for this morning’s 16km run. I was about -2ºC when we left the Running Room with a bit of wind off the lake and light snow falling.

BMO Vancouver Marathon gloves. Best race freebie ever.

I opted for tights and shorts on the bottom half while up top it was a long sleeve running shirt with a thicker short sleeve over that. I put on some arm warmers too and that turned out to be a good call. I also went with some thin BMO Vancouver Marathon gloves and a thin running toque.

My hat was soaked with sweat by the end of the run, but that was better than having cold ears and I was very comfortable from the neck up. One thing I might invest in over the winter is some clear glasses for days like today. It was pretty gloomy and sunglasses would have been overkill, but something to keep the snowflakes out of my eyes would have been nice.

That was pretty perfect. I never felt too hot even though Miguel and I pushed the pace a bit this morning. There was a windy stretch down by the lake with about 2km to go where maybe a jacket would have been nice, but it would have been way too much for the rest of the run.

A reminder that winter running rocks

I also remembered that I quite enjoy winter running. It’s great to get out in the cold with some snow falling and run through some great sections of Toronto. We ran up Yonge, down Rosedale Valley Road through a thick layer of yellow maple leaves, then up the steps to Wellesley Park and through Cabbagetown.

The run across the Bloor Viaduct and down Broadview offered the usual nice views of the skyline before a short stretch along Queen St. The last bit of the run featured a short tour of the newest section of the waterfront including Sherbourne Common and Sugar Beach.

It was a really nice way to spend an early winter Sunday morning.

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