Runstreak Day 11

Time flies when you are having fun. It’s been 11 days already since I started a little experiment with running every day.

In those 11 days, I’ve run 78km. The longest run was the first (15km at the Midsummer Night’s Run). The shortest was 4.5km with Lindsey on day two.

It’s Fun!

Streak running is really quite enjoyable. It turned out to be a lot less difficult to get out for a run everyday than I would have anticipated, and a lot less of a grind than marathon training (since the mileage is less per run).

Running 5km or so takes me about 25 minutes and I can almost always find time for that at the end of the day.

I’m also starting to get a bit more repetitive with my routes. I’ve got a fairly flat 5km from the house that is my nightly run if I don’t have other plans.


I’ve also started running more at work (twice so far). It’s not all that tough to get 5km in at lunch since we have a shower at work and the Martin Goodman Trail is just down the road a bit. There’s also the possibility of a pre-work run that I haven’t done yet and then the run commute option.

“How are your legs?”

My body is holding up fairly well. That was my biggest fear going in, and it continues to be something I’m keeping an eye on. Having never run more than four days in a row, the prospect of daily running made we wonder how my legs would react.

Stretching and rolling has kept things in check so far, and outside of some IT band soreness and a bit of a tired lower leg on the right side, I’m doing fine.

How long will I go?

My initial goal was seven days. Now I’m looking at 30 days. After that, probably a calendar month (September). Once that’s done, I’ll probably start thinking about 100 days and the end of the year. From there? Who knows.

I can see how these things get started…