Run Streaks

I’ve never been much for run streaks.

But seeing a few friends take on the challenge of daily running recently has inspired me to try something different this year.

With no race on the horizon, and no real training schedule to follow right now, it seems like a decent time to string together a run streak.

For a runner who rarely ever ran on back-to-back nights until this year (and then only ever three days in a row), the idea of stringing together weeks of daily running is a bit scary. I wonder whether my legs will hold up, and whether I can find the time on a daily basis to fit in a run.

Why now?

I didn’t intend to start a streak now. It’s probably a dumb time, actually, considering that a really hard, fast 15km run in the Midsummer Night’s Run race was day one. I guess everything has to start somewhere.

Day two was an easy run with Lindsey. Day three was a 6km recovery run around the neighbourhood. Day four was the first run I did simply to continue a streak and . I had no reason to run tonight, but I went out to keep it going.

Fitbit’s fault

I also blame my Fitbit for this. As happened yesterday, I was about 2,000 steps and two kilometres short of my daily goals of 10,000 steps and 8km of moving. I’ve got a Fitbit streak going as well – 15 straight days meeting my daily steps, distance and activity minutes goals.

Those daily Fitbit goals are pretty strong motivators.

The rules

It’s probably worth putting some streak rules in place. Streak Runners International uses a literal “daily mile” – run at least one mile (1.61km) each day to continue the streak.

I’m going to aim a bit higher than that and try to run 3km or more. For me that’s about 15-17 minutes a day. I’ll define running as a pace of 6:30/km or faster. That gives me some leeway in the event of a minor injury that slows me down.

I guess that makes it official!