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I’m running the Midsummer Night’s Run 15km race this evening.


It’s a fairly unique summer race that takes place down in the Cherry Beach and Leslie St. Spit areas of Toronto every year in the middle of August.

What makes this different from other races is the theme, and also a commitment to sustainability that extends through all aspects of the event.

It’s less of a serious race, and more of a fun, fast run. It’s chip timed and people take it seriously, but there are also tons of people who run it in fairy costumes and other whimsical garb.

On the sustainability front, the race organizers do things like limit the amount of paper and other disposable stuff in the race kit. At the end of the race, rather than getting water in a plastic disposable bottle, you get a Planet Forward stainless steel bottle with delicious Toronto tap water.

Proceeds from the race benefit the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

My race plan

I haven’t been pushing things since the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May, but I have been getting back into the four or five runs a week groove of late.


I’ve never run a 15km race before, so it’s a guaranteed personal best for the distance tomorrow night. I’d be happy with a time of 1:20 for the 15km, and super ecstatic with anything close to 1:15.

Whatever the time, the primary goal is to run well and have fun.