Aggregating Health and Fitness Data


I recently picked up a Fitbit Flex to add to the data I’m collecting about my health and fitness.

That means I have some insights into how much physical activity I’m working into each day. It also tracks the quality and duration of my sleep.


We also recently added a Fitbit Aria scale to our household. It sends weight, BMI and fat percentage information into the Fitbit dashboard via wifi.

Add in a Garmin GPS and heart rate monitor that I use when I run, and I’m starting to aggregate a fair amount of data about myself.

Silos everywhere

One of the frustrations of this category of devices is that the data generated ends up inside individual silos. Garmin Connect stores my heart rate data along with pace, distance, cadence and other running metrics. Fitbit stores steps, weight and sleep data.

I use a service called FitDataSync to copy the weight data from the Aria scale into Garmin Connect. It also copies a bit of the running data into the Fitbit dashboard.


But there’s not one place where I can bring everything together, and that’s frustrating.

Will Apple’s Health app be the solution?

I’m hoping that Apple’s new Health app that’s part of iOS 8 is a service that brings that data together in a way that allows me to look at everything in one place.

I also hope that it brings some context to the data. Is the sleep I’m getting good? Is my weight healthy for a person of my age? Do I get enough physical activity?

Here’s hoping someone starts taking all this data and starts answering some of these questions.