Taking the Forerunner 620 for a Treadmill Run

Granted it was a treadmill run, but I did get out for 6km with my new Forerunner 620 today.

I’ll probably write up more about this gadget over the next few weeks, but first impressions are that it’s a really nice addition to my pile of running stuff and a huge upgrade from my clunky old Forerunner 205.

As expected, the internal accelerometer is out of whack and, as a result, the distance on the watch was substantially lower compared to what the treadmill reported. That skewed the reported pace and other metrics as a few are based on distance as well. A run or two outside with the GPS active will automatically calibrate it and I’m expecting it to be pretty accurate for treadmill runs in the future based on reviews I’ve read.

So far I’m loving being able to see heart rate. Given that I’ve never looked at anything besides distance, time and pace, the additional data points (cadence, ground contact time, etc.) will be fun to track going forward. I’ll have to do some reading to understand what those metrics mean and how I can use the data to improve my performance over time.