On Selling My Bike

I sold my road bike today.

It was a somewhat bittersweet moment. I really loved riding that bike because it felt effortless to go fast when I rode it. It was one of the nicest things I’ve ever owned.

IMG_4276-270x300The reason I haven’t been on it much since the accident it that it wasn’t comfortable to ride anymore. I took it out a bit with the family and I did a couple of longer rides too. But every time I rode it, I paid the price physically with a sore left arm and right shoulder due to the fact that my left arm isn’t as strong and doesn’t extend into a good riding position.

It also wasn’t comfortable mentally. Intersections and traffic terrified me. The thought of falling and hurting myself again was always on my mind. I didn’t enjoy it like I did before my accident.

So instead of riding it, the bike just sat leaned up against the wall downstairs. Every day I walked by it and it made me sad.

It deserved better

This was literally a $4,000 bike back in the day. It’s made from carbon fiber and weighs something like 19lbs. You can literally lift it with a single finger. Until you’ve ridden a bike like this you can’t understand how much difference a really nice bike can make. It is like going from a Honda Civic to a Formula 1 race car. A race car shouldn’t be stuck in a garage, and similarly it didn’t make sense for this bike to just sit there in the basement.

The other day I decided it was time to let it go and I listed it for sale on Kijiji. I didn’t expect too quick a response because it’s a large frame and it’s an older bike. But for the right person, I knew it was a great bike at a really good price; just like it was for me a few years ago when I bought it.

Sold to the aspiring triathlete

As it turned out, a tall guy looking for a good starter triathlon bike ended up buying it 36 hours after I posted it. He was a bit taller than me and couldn’t find a good 62cm road bike anywhere in the city, new or used. His current bike had been damaged beyond repair and he was ready to give up on a summer triathlon as a result. Doing the deal reminded me of when I bought the bike myself back in 2011.

I was happy to sell it to him at a fair price. It made it easier to part with it knowing that he’ll use the bike as it should be used. I think I’m most happy about that.

While I’ll miss how riding it made me feel, I’ll also enjoy taking the cash and turning it into something I can use. I’ve already got my eye on a new Garmin Forerunner 620 running watch to replace my ancient and huge Forerunner 205 that I bought before my first half marathon.