Race Plans for the Rest of the Year

Nothing leads to a lack of regular running than not having a race or two on the schedule.

I’ve been taking it easy since the BMO Vancouver Marathon on Sunday. I ran a decent 5km on Wednesday, and I’ll probably get 8 or 10km tomorrow morning at Variety Village.

With Ginny starting to ramp up her training for the Chicago Marathon in October, my schedule takes a back seat to hers. But I’ll still try to get out three days a week if possible.

I’m not going to run another marathon this year (promise). But I think I will try and take a run at my half marathon PB at some point, and I’ve got my eye on the new Toronto Ten Miler or the Midsummer Night’s Run 15km as options. Those are both distances I’ve never raced before so…guaranteed PB!

With a PB in the 30km, and the marathon so far in 2014, if things play out as planned it could be the year of the PB for me.