Back at It

Three days after the BMO Vancouver Marathon and I’m back running again.

I hopped on the treadmill for 5km at Variety Village tonight. One of the reasons I opted for the indoor run tonight is that I could moderate my pace a bit. The other reason is that Toronto is currently infested with midges. Tiny little bugs by the millions are all over the place and running outside means running through big swarms of these annoying bugs.

I played around with pace a bit tonight to see how things really felt. Most of the run was at an easy 7.0mph (about 5:30/km) with a few faster segments mixed throughout. Overall it ended up being 5:18/km which is a bit faster than my average pace on Sunday.

The legs felt about as good as they did halfway through the marathon on Sunday. Last night, when I went for a little trial jog down the street, it was more like 35km. Taking that extra day to recover was a good idea, I think.