Never Again…Until the Next One

Pretty much every time I run a marathon:

  • At the start: “I think this might be the last time I do a full marathon.”
  • At about 20km: “Yeah, I’m pretty much done with this distance. Too much work and the race isn’t even enjoyable. Why did I even sign up for this stupid thing?”
  • At about 32km: “This isn’t horrible. Maybe these legs will take me all the way this time!”
  • At about 35km: “I’m dying. I am so completely finished with the marathon. Done. That’s it. I’m retiring as soon as I get my medal.”
  • At 42.2km: “Never again. Ever. Never ever.”
  • Later that same day: “I wonder when I can work in a recovery run.”
  • The day after: “Let’s see how these legs are working! Hey! I can still run! I can run!”
  • Two days after: “Wonder which fall marathon I should do?”

That last one isn’t a factor this year. I’m done until 2015 and it’s Ginny’s year to run a marathon in Chicago. But I am already thinking about the next one and when and where it will be.