Training by the Numbers

I have a couple of weeks to go still but I figured it would be neat to look at my training so far, by the numbers.

  • Weeks of training: 16
  • Total number of training runs: 67
  • Total time spent running: 65 hours
  • Total kilometres run: 738.8km
  • Average run distance: ~11.4km/run

Big months and big weeks, long runs and fast runs:

  • Highest mileage month: March – 223km
  • Highest mileage week: March 10 to 16 – 83km
  • Longest run: 30.8km
  • Fastest pace: 4:32/km for 6km on January 28

Both the monthly and weekly mileage totals are records for me. I’ve not run that much in a month before, and never even close to that much in a single week.

I’ve got two weeks of training to go, and if I stick to the schedule, about 55km of running prior to race day over six training runs adding up to a third straight month of 200km or more. I’ll do a final tally on the evening before the race to total things up. Looks like it’ll be something like 790km in 73 runs over 18 weeks.