Boston Marathon Day

I’ve been watching the little runner people on the tracker all morning. It’s not the most exciting way to watch a marathon, but it sure beats not knowing how my running friends are doing.

baatracker-300x290So far it’s been a good day. One is finished already (another stellar run for Doug), another two are through 40km (go Chantal and Sam!), and the last started in the later wave but is doing well through 30km (not bad for not training, Kathryn).

I’ll likely never run Boston myself. I’m not fast enough and I can’t imagine ever getting fast enough to qualify. I think I’d need to take the better part of 35 minutes off my personal best for the marathon. Not happening.

Aside from all my running friends finishing and doing well, I have one other wish: that we can put 2013 behind us now and get back to thinking about the race, and running and fun rather than all the crap that we were forced to deal with.