Two Weeks

The taper is really here now. I ran the last of the long runs over 20km this morning and from here it’s just a couple of weeks and a longest run of just 16km left to go.

I’m really looking forward to getting out to Vancouver now, and I’ve started obsessing over the longterm forecast already. Not that it’s likely to stay this way, but right now they’re calling for about 9ºC and sunny skies at race start and maybe 15ºC and sunny at the finish. That’s perfect. Please lock that in!

Solid 22km

Today’s run was good. I’m still feeling a bit of fatigue from the week of being sick, but considering I’ve run three days in a row, the 22km today was pretty easy. I also backed the pace down from what I’ve been doing on Sundays. It’s a bit crazy, but 5:30/km is now what I consider to be pretty easy pace, even over 20+km.

It’s good to be in the last two weeks again. This point seemed so far away back in January when I started training. But here I am again – trained up and uninjured.