Why the Marathon?

From the moment I finished my first 42.2km race, I always knew that I wouldn’t be a “one and done” marathoner.

Back in 2010, even in the minutes after I finishing the Ottawa Marathon in May, I already knew I wanted to do another one. That fall I ran my second full – the 2010 GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon.

In 2011 flew out to Vancouver and ran the 40th BMO Vancouver Marathon on my 40th birthday. A couple of months later I ran the 50km Niagara Ultra as my first ultra marathon. I wasn’t done yet, but a little bike accident slowed me down a bit in the fall of 2011, but 2012 sure was a big year for me.

Ottawa Marathon finish
At the finish of my first marathon (Ottawa, 2010)

It started with the 2012 BMO Vancouver Marathon which was my comeback race after the bike crash. From there I ran the Whitby Marathon as a training run (a DNF by choice that I don’t count in my race totals). I ran the 50km Niagara Ultra again that year, and then ran the 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

That was five full marathons and two 50km ultra marathons in 30 months. Kind of crazy, actually. I didn’t want to have 2013 pass without taking on a 42.2km race, so I ran the Hamilton Marathon last year to make it four years in a row with a marathon, bringing my total to six.

I also really love 30km races and I’ve said before that if I had to run only one race distance the rest of my life that it would be the 30km. That’s mostly because the training for a 30km race is a bit easier than a marathon, and the race ends just as things get uncomfortable. I’ve run four of those as well, including three Around the Bay Road Races and the Midsummer Night’s Run once (and never again). I’ve also run nine half marathons going back to 2008.

But it’s the marathon that really keeps me running. I have no idea why…it’s just something that pulls me back year after year.