Five Days a Week

I’ve embarked on a training schedule that involves running five days a week. I’ve never really run the full Running Room training plan before – usually I run four days a week, and I do the Wednesday run on Thursday and drop the Thursday mileage entirely.

But this year is different. I’m going to try to run the full plan and see what happens. So far the result is more running on tired legs along with more mileage earlier in the year. January came in at 164km despite skipping a few days in the first week. Had I done a couple of more runs, I might have touched 200km. That’s not something I would normally approach until later in the training cycle, when the weekend runs are 30km or more.

Back in 2012, which was my biggest year of running (including 4 marathons), I hit a mere 145km in January and only ran more than 200km in a month twice.

The tired legs running is what I think is going to pay off the most. Getting used to running when my legs aren’t interested is good training for the late stages of the marathon. I’m paying special attention to maintaining consistent pace throughout, especially when my lower body is yelling at me to slow down.