I Need More Hours in the Day

After a week or two of trying to run more, and failing, I’ve come to realize that this high mileage training plan isn’t likely to be possible over the winter.

I’m okay with that, to be honest.

One of the biggest challenges with running for me is fitting it into life. There are only so many hours in the day, and so many days in the week. Between work, kids, sleep and everything else, there. Just isn’t an hour a day to run 10km or more.

Part of the he problem is short winter days. In the summer I could go out at 9pm and run 10km at dusk without having to worry too much. Or I could get up at 5:30am and get out in the morning before work.

But in the winter, it’s cold and dark by 5:30pm and the sun isn’t up until after 7am. He desire to run in huge dark and the cold is low.

I’ll probably run the usual Running Room program starting in January and maybe somehow take a run at the higher mileage program over the summer.