Two Weeks to Hamilton

Go watch a marathon and you’ll want to run one.

I love standing at the side of the road, watching runners stream by on their way to a marathon finish. Some are smiling and having the time of their lives, others are struggling and battling to keep going. Most are somewhere in between.

But even more than standing on the side of the road, I love being out on the road running 42.2km myself. The crowds cheering me on, the mind games I’m playing with myself to keep moving. And the feeling I get in the last couple of kilometres when I know I’ll make it to the finish and claim my medal.

I ran my own personal half marathon early this morning so I could go down and cheer my friends in their race. It was dark when I left the house for 21.1km. Really dark.

Early morning run

It was just me and the run—just the way I like it sometimes. I didn’t look at the watch, and I didn’t worry about pace. I just ran comfortably.

Along Lakeshore Boulevard, crews were putting up the last few barricades and volunteers were setting up the tables for the water stations.

I ran the marathon route from kilometre 25 through 29 and just enjoyed the memories of last year when I ran my best ever marathon on that same course.


As I later watched the stream of runners pass by, I thought about how glad I was to be running the Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon in two weeks. It’s going to be a tough run thanks to a rough summer with not enough training.

But regardless of the expression on my face at the end of the race, I know I’ll be smiling inside.