Running Long Again

I ran just under 33km today.

Running farther than 30km is something I haven’t done in nearly a year. In fact, it was a year ago tomorrow that I last did it (in the 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon).

It’s been a rough year trying to get back to being able to run that kind of distance. Between an ankle injury back in February, elbow surgery in March, and then some general shin and ankle troubles that I just couldn’t shake through spring and into the summer, it’s been a pretty cruddy year in the running department.

But in July I started slowly climbing back into it. I was running three times a week to be ready for our trip to Vancouver Island where I wanted to be able to run the 14km out to Kinsol Trestle and back from Shawnigan Lake.

After that things really started to come together again. Some acupuncture and stretching helped as I built the mileage back. I ticked off a few 20+km runs and got into a great groove recently. Today it was 33km in the rain and it was awesome.