Getting My Running Mojo Back

It’s been a bit of a slog since my elbow surgery in March, but I think I finally have my shin issues beat and I’m ready to start re-building my running base.

Last year I ran 2012km, or just under 170km/month. I had some bigger months of over 200km, and a few that had a little less. But it was a great year of running for me that included a 50km Ultra, three full marathons, and a half marathon.

I expected 2013 to be a bit of a step back for a variety of reasons, but I did not expect to be 23km shy of 500km for the year halfway through September. I had run that by mid-March in 2012 to give you a sense of how much less I’ve run.

But things are really looking up. I’ve got my mojo back and I’m injury-free. I can still run 15km on Sunday without too much difficulty and I’m getting back to a three runs a week routine.

How do I know I’m back? I’m already thinking about my next run even while I’m still out there running. This is good!

Don Valley Run

Saturday’s effort was with my friend Miguel. We ran up the Don Valley Trail to Eglinton and back, starting at Riverdale. The pace was a bit quick at the start and I paid for it in the last few kilometres. But I enjoyed every single minute of it.