Week Nice, Doing Fine

Another week, another four workouts, another 48km run. And happily, I’m still feeling great.

This was supposed to be the step-back week – when we dropped back in our mileage on Sunday for the first time since the program started on January 1st. I did step back, but not all the way to 19km as the schedule suggested. Instead it was a 23.5km long run this week with some friends on what was the windiest day in a long, long time here in Toronto.

I added another 5km recovery run today to give me 48km for the week. That’s my biggest week so far, and probably the most I’ve run in a week since the ultra back in June, 2011.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is just nine weeks away. Between now and then I’ll be in Amsterdam and Germany, plus a couple of days back in Florida. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to work in the required runs, but there will be some adapting of the schedule required.