Travel and Running is an Awesome Combination

I’ve booked some more travel for work in the next couple of months which means more opportunities to run in far-flung places. First up is Orlando in February which will be a write-off as far as outdoor stuff goes. I was there last year at the same hotel – the Gaylord Palms – and it’s a horrid location to run…nothing around but highways. Treadmill running will be the order of the day there most likely.

But March includes a 10-day adventure including some time in Holland, and then southern Germany. I’ve got a 29k on the schedule and a free Sunday in Amsterdam looking for an activity. I’m already excited about that run. Last time I was in Europe I ran an amazing 29k along the Rhine in Köln.

Looking at schedules, I should be able to get two runs in around Rust, Germany. I’ll be there for which is a hosting industry trade show that is held at EuropaPark, of all places. I’m hoping to do at least two, and maybe three runs in Amsterdam including the long Sunday run mentioned above.

Since I started running, mostly thanks to a bunch of work travel, I’ve been lucky enough to run in San Francisco, Austin, New York City, San Diego, Orlando, Washington D.C. and Boston plus Köln and Brühl, Germany. Non-work travel adds runs in Vancouver, Hilton Head Island, Ottawa, and around Muskoka.

One fortunate runner here!