Surfing around the web while connected through a VPN server in Germany is pretty amazing today. Some sites are literally just not accessible to anyone in the EU (like the LA Times). Others have the most impressively invasive cookie warnings.

That feeling when you finally get to blast the Facebook Pixel out of Tag Manager once and for all. Joins Twitter, Quora and a few other nasty tracker tags in the garbage pile of ad networks we no longer use.

I love Castro and it was my podcast player of choice for a good long time until Overcast came along with chapter support. But now that Castro 3 is out with chapter support of its own, it’s a no brainer to head back. Their triage system works really well for me. Happy to commit to a year of Plus too.

Nice week of running for the whole family. Ginny and I were out yesterday for the usual Sunday group run. I also got out once with Mac last week, and now today a 5km with Lindsey. I love that we’re all runners now.

I gave deactivating my Facebook account a try about 4 weeks ago and haven’t logged in since. I miss my run crew news (until I convince them a Facebook Group is a bad choice), but other than that, it’s been fine. Started the deletion process tonight. 14 days and it’ll be gone forever.

I would love, love, love a self-hosted run and/or cycle tracking app. Something like Garmin Connect or Strava, but without the data mining. I could see run crews using it in a federated way to bring in some social aspects as well. Anyone interested in making this happen?